Episode: 2 Management, Governance and Leadersh..

By Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik/ 03-Aug-2020

Devdutt Pattanaik narrates the impact of cultural evidence, mythic structures, mythic views on Management techniques, leadership and governance. He compares western thoughts an

What are the opportunities in digital career? How jobs and careers have shaped up and how technologies play a role in this. She has given various examples. AI and data science a

Episode: 2 Hapiness: Purpose of Work and Life..

By Dr Bhabatosh Mishra/ 21-Jul-2020

Dr Bhabatosh speaks about the role of intrinsic value in our multi tasking life. He narrates how cooperation should play a major role in corporations. Two new abbreviations : RO

Energy has been at the center of human development since humankind learnt to use fire 300,000 years ago. We have an ever increasing energy demand due to both increasing access a

In this episode Prof. P K Singh discusses the importance of inner well- being at work. He has also highlighted different dimensions of inner well- being as the core component f

Episode: 4 Enabling small businesses in India ..

By Mr. Manish Tiwary/ 29-Jun-2020

In this episode Mr Manish Tiwary speaks about the changing paradims in the field of e-commerce. He shares the Amazon experience and explains how small businesses in India can

Episode: 1 Business agility and digital reengi..

By Dr. Ganesh Natarajan/ 23-Jun-2020

The episode highlights the importance of digital transformation in the business world.It's about how business agility can be transformed using digital medium and introduces a c

In this episode Ravi Kumar speaks about three dimensions of work: the work itself, the workplace, and the workforce. All three are in the midst of massive change. The new emph

Episode: 3 Preparedness of Industry and HR : P..

By Ms. Shahina Helal/ 23-Jun-2020

Let’s be prepared and aware of the changes that POST Covid world will have to face. The way Industries and Leaders have been strategizing their business scenarios have to be