Series 1 Episode 3: Preparedness of Industry and HR : Post Covid 19

By Ms. Shahina Helal/ 23-Jun-2020

About the episode

Let’s be prepared and aware of the changes that POST Covid world will have to face. The way Industries and Leaders have been strategizing their business scenarios have to be relooked with completely different lenses. Being in HR what change of approach can we bring in hiring and managing talent will play a crucial role. Expectation of Business from HR will go through a sea of change and our level of preparedness and awareness will define and be decisive of our success.

Episode Speaker


Ms. Shahina Helal

Chief People Officer
Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited

Speaker's Profile

Shahina is working with Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited as Chief People Officer. Being part of Future Group, Future Lifestyle has fashion formats like Central, Brand Factory, aLL, CoverStory, Lee Cooper under its umbrella. Shahina possesses experience of 17 plus years in different industries like IT, Telecom, Banking and now in Retail since the past ten years. She is an XLRI alumnus and carries many functional expertise with Change Management from TISS being her favourite. Her strengths are driving organization culture and change, performance and reward management along with Strong focus on developing a culture of Learning and skilling. Her ability to bring people together, working closely with Business team and operation excellence sets her apart. Her penchant for innovation has led to achieving greater heights in her career successfully. With her expertise and knowledge, she continues to spearhead her team to reach greater heights. While being a team player, she makes sure she leads her team by example. She is an avid reader and has an eye for the latest trend in HR industry across the world.