Future of work: Navigating a Sustainable New World


What is the new world of work? The New World of Work explores how technologies like automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence are shaping the way we work, where we work, and the skills and education we need to work. Especially featuring thought leaders from industries, researchers, educationists and policy makers and from the public and private sectors, this perspective series will help the employers, business leaders, policymakers, organizations, future employees and budding entrepreneurs understand what changes are afoot and how we can prepare today for a future that works in a sustainable manner.

When the world is experiencing the trauma of COVID 19 pandemic, in order to increase organizational resilience, this perspective pieces would provide insights for the workforce and the society that must explore new ways of working to sustain and thrive in these unprecedented times.


The present critical situation globally has lead the practitioners to think about alternative ways to work and teach. This has lead to innovative ways of teaching and learning. Podcasts and virtual seminars are one way of offering new developments by experts in different fields. Keeping this in mind it is proposed to organize such activities so as to provide the learners a continuous source of learning.


The objective of this series is based on the motto: ‘freedom to learn’ and is to provide the learners and other stakeholders of the University an opportunity to update their knowledge on the advancements in the field of management. It will also provide digital resources by which they can get the latest insights on various inter –disciplinary and contemporary topics.

Vice Chancellor Speaks

By Prof. Nageshwar Rao / 23 June 2020

Podcast Coordinators


Dr. Neeti Agrawal

Professor of Management,


Dr.Nayantara Padhi

Professor of Management,

Motto: Freedom to Learn

Theme: Future of Work: Navigating a Sustainable New World

Series: Introduction

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been imparting education throughout the globe with a mission to reach the unreached. IGNOU believes and practices the philosophy of democratization of education. The university is the torch bearer in using technology and innovative mediums for teaching and learning. In the past three decades of its existence people across the country and abroad rely on its educational offerings. Its strengths are based on the philosophies of open and distance learning for providing seamless education and varied opportunities for lifelong learning.

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