Series:6 Virtual Forums


Seminars, symposiums, conclaves, workshops and conferences hold great importance in life of a student, researcher, academician and a professional. They are platforms not only to learn new aspects, the perspective of others apart from the latest information, but are also a good way of communicating.

There are many benefits associated with these like:

  • Platform to know about new and contemporary concepts and ideas
  • Boosting the confidence of students
  • Helps in building Network
  • Provides inspiration and motivation on listening to leaders and experts from different fields
  • Helping in knowing new innovations and discoveries

An individual, who may at times loose motivation and excitement to study or work, should participate in a conference or workshop related to his/her subject. This will lead to higher productivity and fulfillment of their goals.

However, due to our busy schedules and prior commitments it may not be always possible to attend such seminars, conferences, workshops although one may be interested in attending. On the other hand, it may be quite challenging for students to attend good seminars/conferences due to cost issues or other personal reasons.

Thanks to the technological advancements and new developments, we are able to attend many such virtual platforms which take place across the globe.

Likewise IGNOU’s Podcast platform is equipped to hold virtual seminars, symposiums, conferences and conclaves on contemporary and emerging topics. The audio proceedings of those events will be published on its webpage. The video of the same will be available on the YouTube channel of IGNOU Podcast. This initiative will definitely broaden the reach and provide our learners an opportunity to hear to the eminent personalities which otherwise would not have been possible.

Learning is a continuous process and we wish that you all will gain rich experience from these platforms which will be taking place regularly.

Happy learning!

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