Series 2 Episode 4: Emotional Intelligence – The Next Generation Skill

By Ms. Lata Singh Dasila/ 10-Mar-2021

About the episode

There is a lot of buzz about emotional intelligence around the globe. Often referred to as “EI or EQ”, the World Economic Forum has ranked emotional intelligence as one of the top-10 most important skills that workers will need for success in 2020 and beyond. In recent years, it has become a crucial ingredient of great leadership and workplace culture.

In this podcast, I am going to help you understand what is emotional intelligence and why it is the next generation skill.

Episode Speaker


Ms. Lata Singh Dasila

Founder - Director
Meraviglia EQ Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Speaker's Profile

Lata Singh Dasila is the founder-director of Meraviglia EQ Academy Pvt. Ltd. She founded this online training and coaching company in 2018 with a mission to teach emotional intelligence skills and life coaching to educators, executives, students, parents, house wives and individuals. Apart from leading a global team of Kids and Parents Life Coaches that Lata has trained and certified, she enjoys creating the best coaching tools and material for children, coaches, educators, leaders, trainers, and individuals.

Lata is a Certified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Assessor & Educator, and NLP Practitioner with 18+ years of IT Industry experience. She enjoys doing emotional intelligence training and workshop with Educators, Corporate leaders and executives as well as individuals. In the last six years she has trained and coached 1500+ teachers, 20000+ children in various schools, colleges and corporates.