Series:1 Future of Work: Navigating a Sustainable New World


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been imparting education throughout the globe with a mission to reach the unreached. IGNOU believes and practices the philosophy of democratization of education. The university is the torch bearer in using technology and innovative mediums for teaching and learning. In the past three decades of its existence people across the country and abroad rely on its educational offerings. Its strengths are based on the philosophies of open and distance learning for providing seamless education and varied opportunities for lifelong learning.

In order to keep pace with the fast changing pedagogies IGNOU continuously thrives to use latest technologies and medium of teaching learning viz. interactive radio counseling, teleconferencing, teaching through DTH (SWAYAM), providing digital teaching material (eGyankosh), using social media etc.

Likewise, IGNOU has come up with another innovative way of teaching and learning and that is through Podcasts. Through this medium, new ideas and developments in different fields of work can be shared. The first podcast will be a series with a motto ‘Freedom to Learn’.

Myself Neeti Agrawal and my colleague Prof Nayantara Padhi from School of Management Studies are your hosts for this series. We believe in the power of conversation. To share the knowledge base of the experts from various walks of life, we have chosen Podcast as the medium. Podcast is boundary less and zero cost mode of digital learning. You can access it easily, store it and hear it as per your convenience. The studies show that retention is higher when you hear something.

The theme of the series is ‘Future of Work: Navigating a Sustainable New World’. In this series professionals from different fields will speak under the section ‘Experts Speak’. They will speak on issues ranging from Navigating the new digital world business ecosystem, global talent market, reorganization of social and organizational cultures, technology change and work force, reshaping future work through remote working, effect of automation on the world economy, coping strategies for sustainable work etc. This series will give you a whole new experience and will serve as an add on resource in your learning process.

The podcast series will be available on and social media sites of the university. You just need to use internet explorer to hear or download the podcast episodes. Keep tracking for new episodes and use them exclusively for your knowledge and academic usage as part of open educational resources (OER) .

Happy Learning!

Current Episode

Episode: 1 Business agility and digital reengineering

By Dr. Ganesh Natarajan / 23-Jun-2020

The episode highlights the importance of digital transformation in the business world.It's about how business agility can be transformed using digital medium and introduces a c


In this episode Ravi Kumar speaks about three dimensions of work: the work itself, the workplace, and the workforce. All three are in the midst of massive change. The new emph


Let’s be prepared and aware of the changes that POST Covid world will have to face. The way Industries and Leaders have been strategizing their business scenarios have to be


In this episode Mr Manish Tiwary speaks about the changing paradims in the field of e-commerce. He shares the Amazon experience and explains how small businesses in India can


Episode: 5 Energy Transition and Future of Work

By Debasish Mishra / 14-Jul-2020

Energy has been at the center of human development since humankind learnt to use fire 300,000 years ago. We have an ever increasing energy demand due to both increasing access a


Mr. Jay Panda speaks on the following four aspects of technological advancements and globalization

  1. Technological change and the workforce
  2. Reshaping Future wor

“India has emerged as a powerhouse in the world economy, driven by significant strides in its Demographic Dividend, Digital Infrastructure, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Structural Re


Episode: 8 Remote Work Scenario: Post -Covid

By Prof. K. Harigopal / 06-Oct-2020

Prof Harigopal enumerates how remote working has become a new phenomenon and at the same time gradually how it is becoming a new normal. He has highlighted on the new alternativ


Applying technology to every aspect of marketing is no more a luxury. Marketing Automation, systematic demand generation or rules-based lead nurturing has now been widely adopte


Covid is posing many challenges for organisations and employees. The situation is allien and changes are constant.Technology is the best tool to adapt changes due to the pandemi


Covid has changed a lot of things around us - the way we study, the way we work, the way we eat, the way we travel, the way we socialize – pretty much everything

Most busi


Episode: 12 Changing role of a CFO

By Mr Sambasivan G / 03-Dec-2020

Mr Sambasivan G, CFO, tatasky is in conversation with Prof Neeti Agrawal. He speaks on the challenges faced by the workforce in the present crisis situation. He highlights the p


The immersive episode gives an interesting opportunity to look at the evolution of bulb in the new light and covers the inspiring journey of Syska becoming a thought leader bran