Series 1 Episode 5: Energy Transition and Future of Work

By Debasish Mishra/ 14-Jul-2020

About the episode

Energy has been at the center of human development since humankind learnt to use fire 300,000 years ago. We have an ever increasing energy demand due to both increasing access and affluence. Since we are overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuel for fulfilling the demand, it is leading to massive CO2 emission. Global average atmospheric CO2 reached an alarming level of 407.4 PPM in 2018, highest levels in 800,000 years. This led to emergency action by the global community and COP21 Paris declaration was made to restrict rise in global temperature to 2 degrees of pre-industrial levels. Countries, including India, have pledged to adapt energy efficiency and move towards green power such as solar and wind. India has announced to reach 450 GW of renewable power by 2030 and in last 6 years it has increased the renewable power portfolio from 30 GW to 90 GW. In the demand side also there is a massive shift happening with expected introduction of electric vehicle (EV) going to change the dynamics in the oil and gas industry. Energy industry is also adapting digital technologies like AI, ML, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, sensors, IOT etc in a big way. All these changes are also getting accentuated due to the Covid19 pandemic. This will change the work, workplace and workforce in the energy industry. Many traditional jobs will go away forever and new jobs will be needed. This will not only require the existing workforce to get reskilled, it will require the academic institutes to cater their curriculum towards these requirements. Still the workforce have to adapt continuous learning throughout their career. Future is here – both for the energy sector and work in the sector!

Episode Speaker


Debasish Mishra


Speaker's Profile

Debasish Mishra leads the Energy, Resources and Industrial Products industry for Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu in India. Debasish is a Partner in the consulting function of Deloitte since the last 10 years, with more than 24 years of experience in energy sector India and several other developed and developing countries.

Debasish has been advising Governments, sector regulators, energy companies, investors and multilateral agencies in range of issues in energy sector. He has helped several investors and strategic players in developing and implementing their energy sector strategy including navigating the energy transition.

Debasish is a leading opinion maker in the energy sector in India and often quoted in the newspapers and electronic media on range of issues in the sector. Debasish is a regular speaker in academic and industry forums.