Series:4 Policy Maker’s Discourse


Policy maker is a member of a government department, legislature, or other business organization who is responsible for making new rules, laws etc. For example: Governors of states, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Legislators, Bureaucrats, Vice Chancellors, CXOs etc. who are on the helm of affairs at various levels.

The role of the policy maker is act as a funnel to gather information through consultation and research and to reduce and extract from the information, a policy or a set of policies which serve to promote what is the preferred course of action.

Policy members are the persons who have the authority to set the policy framework of an organization.

Making policy has traditionally been seen as Whitehall’s main function and it is indeed a task to reach them and listen to their point of views on different aspects of management and administration.

In this series we are glad to have many policy makers who will be discoursing on various issues and trends of management and administration.

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By Mr. Abhishek Singh / 27-Sep-2020